The show photos are unedited. Cropping can be done on the site, color correction will be added in post processing. Questions give me a call at 217-433-3164 or email me at randolph259@gmail.com. Also just as an FYI I sell a disk of all your shots from the show for $125 plus S&H. Or i can do dropbox for 10-15 photos for $75.

Please do not remove any images from the gallery. These are photos which are for sale and must be paid for under all circumstances. Your actions in taking the images also encourages others to steal from me. You may freely share images that I post on Facebook under these conditions: 1) as long as they already posted on facebook by © Michelle Randolph; and 2) that you do NOT remove the signature. If you wish to use a shared FB image for your profile shot which removes my signature due to cropping, please contact me so that I can reposition my signature. It must remain visible at all times."

This photo was used on the cover of the summer addition of The Clydesdale News!!

I have been interested in photography for a few years now and have been doing some horse shows for the last few years. We take a lot trips to national parks and I get to see lots of things so I thought I would share. We usually try to get out west to a national park every year. I am really getting into horses and taking their pictures. I have so many photos that if you don't see something, send me an email because I just might have what you are looking for: randolph259@gmail.com. I also have a website at www.zazzle.com/randolph259*. And be sure to check out the website http://www.ironhorseclydesdales to see more of the beautiful draft horses!!!

Contact me at randolph259@gmail.com or phone 217-433-3164.

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